Wave House Durban selects team for FLOW Champs in Singapore


Wave House Durban selects team for International FLOW Champs in Singapore

After two qualifying events, vigorous debate and canvassing the top riders in the country to see who they think should represent at the International FLOW Champs, Durban has announced the team going to the opening of Wave House Sentosa in October.

The team consists of Matt Lammers, Wes Fischer and Marta Jekot on standup and Billy Tennant on bodyboard.

Matt Lammers has been one of the dominant riders in the strapped division for the past few years. As a goofy footer his forehand on the left Flowbarrel is solid, consistently landing grabbed flip variations and spins. Bringing his wakeboarding background onto the wave means he's equally comfortable riding or landing switch, resulting in a wake oriented style and clean landings.

Wes Fischer is a recent blip on the radar in terms of standup strapless riding, but his incredible style and control have resulted in a rapid rise in respect and admiration from his peers. Wes is the epitome of fast, fluid riding, putting his board on the rail every chance he gets. His smooth transition from trick to trick makes his contest riding very difficult to beat.

Marta Jekot will be representing for the ladies. An accomplished snowboarder, Marta was the standout in the qualifiers and following her selection has moved to Durban to practice full time leading up to the IFC in Singapore. She previously had a five hour commute to ride and is confident the extra time will put her in the running to take the top of the podium. The foundation of the team is Billy Tennant. Billy is the only member with previous international competitive Flowriding experience. In 2007 he rode 9 of the 17 events on the Flow Tour, winning 2 of them and placing second in the Flow World Champs. You can read an interview with Billy here.

Wave House Durban is looking to convincingly win the team division and stamp its authority on the world of Flowriding.

'As the longest running Wave House in the archipelago Durban riders have had the most time to progress,' says Wave House Marketing Manager Ryan Watkins. 'The US guys have caught up quick, but we've got enough tricks up our sleeves to give us the edge.'

We'll be posting regular updates on the qualifying rounds for the IFC in Chile and San Diego, as well as the proposed locals only contest to be held in conjunction with the IFC at the opening of Wave House Sentosa.