Top riders to compete for the International FLOW Championships title!


The Opening Party will feature the International FLOW (Flowriding League of the World) Championships and the very first Singapore Flowboarding Competition! Top riders from Wave House San Diego (USA), Durban (South Africa), and Santiago (Chile) will be at Wave House Sentosa to compete for the championship title, with a total of $18,500 worth in prizes to be won.

The International FLOW Championships will be the first time that competitors represent their respective venues (and, by extension, their country) in a Flowriding tournament. Individuals will compete for points in a series of events and will need to exhibit mastery of both the FlowRider® and FlowBarrel®. Top riders such as Greg Lazarus (US), Eric Silverman (US) Matt Lammers (SA) and Wes Fischer (SA) will be representing their respective countries at the championships. You will get to witness their biggest tricks – daring combinations of skateboarding, snowboarding and wakeskating -influenced flips, jumps and spins at the championships.

Registration is open for the Singapore Flowriding Competition. There will be free training and practice sessions for registered participants. Registration closes on Monday, 5 October 2009.

If you need any wave riding attire to get in on the action, you can get geared up and ready to take your first step on the flow board as soon as you arrive. The Wave House Surf Shop opens till late and features such brands as Billabong, Nixon and Element.

The Opening Party will begin on Friday, 16 October at 10am and is open to all ages. Just grab a fully redeemable entry pass at the entrance and you’re ready to party!

Do check back for more updates on the opening party! See you at Wave House Sentosa!