Sentosa Flowrider Up and Running!


There was more than one reason to celebrate the 4th of July this year. While fireworks lit the night skies in the US, here at Wave House Sentosa in Singapore, the FlowRider ® was fired up for the very first time.

Gearing up to open with a three-day non-stop grand opening party on the 16-18 October, Wave House Sentosa is seeing its final stages of the construction work, and will be moving into the fitting out and interior design works in early August. The much-anticipated International Flow Championships and the first Singapore Flowboarding Competition will be simultaneously held during the three-day opening party. 

While the FlowRider is currently being tested and commissioned, final touches are being put on the FlowBarrel ®, which is due to be ready by the end of July. Wave House Sentosa recently invited a few friends and associates to come give the FlowRider a go. Some of them had a little boarding experience, others none at all but everyone had a blast. "All who took a shot loved it and got the hang of it very quickly," said Wave House Sentosa's General Manager Ashley Rungasamy.

The FlowRider and FlowBarrel will be open to the public in late August. From bodyboarding to stand-up rides, flowboarding offers many challenges, and many hours of fun. With experienced instructors, we'll get just about everyone up and riding in no time.

Besides flowboarding, Wave House Sentosa offers awesome live music, cool southern California style food and drinks, all night parties on Fridays and Saturdays and an on-site retail store carrying the latest product from all of the coolest alternative culture brands. All this spread across its 70,000 square foot (6,500 square meter) tropical beachfront setting.

Welcome to your new weekend destination. We'll be keeping everyone up to date on the progress at the newest member of the Wave House archipelago.