Dude, Where's Your Board?


If you happened to fly on Cebu Pacific in the month of November last year, and happened to pick up the inflight magazine, you might remember seeing Wave House under Chikka Chat... 

If not, here's what Smile Magazine had to say...

Dude, Where's Your Board?
Want some wicked water fun? See why Wave House Sentosa is, well, making waves

Surfers looking for the perfect wave will find it at Wave House Sentosa in Siloso Beach, Singapore. The fourth Wave House to be built in the world, it features the challenging FlowBarrel, the more basic Double FlowRider (which suits beginners and kids, who can try it with bodyboards), a splash pool, a retail store that sells lifestyle apparel, beach bars and restaurants. The waves are generated by machines that pump water at up to 48km per hour over curved walls to give you "barrels" and "tubes" as tall as 6ft. Think of it as surfing, snowboarding and skateboarding all rolled into one.