International FLOW Championships 2009

10/16/2009 - 17:00

International FLOW Championships - everything you need to know about the IFC

If you're a part of the global flowriding community you've undoubtedly heard about the International FLOW (Flowriding League of the World) Championships by now. Taking place at the opening of Wave House Sentosa in Singapore in October 16-18, 2009, this is the biggest flowriding event since the World Tour.

So what exactly is going on?

The IFC will be the first time riders are competing as representatives of venues as well as individuals. Each Wave House is holding qualifying competitions to select three standup riders (at least one of which must be a girl) and a bodyboarder to represent their venue.

USA Team Selection

Wave House San Diego will be hosting the IFC USA team qualifier on Friday August 21st from noon to 7:00pm. All of the top expert flowboarders and bodyboarders will compete in this unprecedented event to win an all expense paid trip to Wave House Sentosa and USA in the International FLOW Championships. Don't miss this opportunity to come out to Wave House and support your favorite flowrider. CLICK HERE to download full details in PDF format. The South African team has already been selected CLICK HERE for more info.

Wave House Sentosa Locals Only Competition

Recognising that the local community needs it's own platform to show their skills, Wave House will run a completely separate contest series for Singaporeans. This will have it's own qualifying rounds, heats and a final, with the winner crowned as the Sentosa Champion.

The International FLOW Champ contestants will also be on hand to coach and encourage the contestants, making sure that they get the maximum benefit from their brief time with the top riders in the world.

Qualifiers will be held in early October and the riders with the most promise will be selected to ride in semi finals judged by the visiting Pros.

"We're gonna make it as easy as possible for everyone to get involved," said Wave House VP of Branding Bob Puetz. " When Wave House Durban opened they ran a contest for the locals and some of the guys who competed in that are now among the best in the world. We want to share the stoke and this is a great way to jumpstart the riding scene."

Finals for the local contest will be held alongside the IFC finals on the last day of competition, with each of the finalists having a pro "coaching" him for the main event.

Are You a Wild Card?

Wave House is offering an opportunity to four riders to compete as Wild Cards. The winners of the expert standup and bodyboard divisions on the US Flow Tour will get all expenses paid trips to the IFC. The other two spots will be awarded to competitors who make their own way to a qualifying competition held at Wave House Sentosa prior to the main event.

Between the contests, the parties and the celebrations, Wave House Sentosa opening weekend is set to be the biggest event of the year. For all the info download the PDF or email if you have any questions.