08/24/2014 - 18:00 - 20:00


A monthly FlowRider Progression Clinic that are conducted by our experienced and professional instructors that specialises on FlowRider riding techniques and tricks. 

A workshop format that provides in depth theory and practical lessons. Lessons that will provide both the fundamentals of riding and advanced riding techniques(depending on the rider's current standard). A riding syllabus have been prepared and modified to the advantage of riders of all age group, gender and skill level.

The goal of the FlowRider Progression Clinic is to introduce the sport of flowboarding to first time riders and to improve current riders and their respective skill levels.

The FlowRider Progression Clinic will be a 2 hour session (6.00pm-7.00pm, 7.00pm-8.00pm):
Include a video recording session to allow the rider to review and correct his/her ride and posture straight after the ride.

1st Hour - Introduction to Double FlowRider & Tricks:
- Warm up and Stretching (All riders)
- Flowrider Safety and Safety Briefing (All riders)
- Standing Techniques/Stance 
- Balance and Posture 
- Basic maneuvering (Toe side and heel side) (Beginners)
- Assessing rider's current skill level, after 3 runs (Intermediate and Advanced)
- Improve and troubleshoot current tricks on rider's tricklist (Intermediate and Advanced)

2nd Hour - Progression Session:
- Introduction to Double FlowRider Tricks (Beginners)
- Attempts at trying the desired tricks with techniques taught by instructor (All Riders)

Clinic fees are based on each one(1) hour session.
Participants are recommend to sign up for two(2) hours session
to enjoy the complete and effective progression of their rides.

1 Hour $40 ^

2 Hours + 1 Pizza $80*^

* The 2 Hours Clinic is Non-­transferable and must be utilized on the same day of purchase within the allocated clinic timing. 
* Any one (1) Pizza and two (2) hours on the Double FlowRider. 
* For Dine-In only, on the same day of the wave ride. 
^ Subject to availability on a first-come-first-served basis.

Register at Wave Desk, Wave House Sentosa OR 
Get your ticket at

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