12/17/2011 - 10:00 - 23:00

This December, BYOB (Bring Your Own Board/Bike) will feature multi-disciplines such as Flowboarding, Skateboarding, Wake Surfing, Stand Up Paddling, BMX and Bodyboarding, all at one exciting venue. Atheletes and spectators alike will be able to enjoy a day full of high octane beach-front actions, great F&B promotions as well as good music as the day's activities simmer into a night of celebration with top local bands and DJs pumping the floor.

General manager of Wave House Sentosa Terry Goh said "After successive runs of Flowboarding events in Wave House, the BYOB is really about us opening its doors to the boards' sports fraternity at large. I think this coming together will create opportunities for the participants to learn from each other and offer them a camaraderie which they have not experienced yet."



The principal activity of Wave House Sentosa, riders would be able to perform different board tricks adapted from other boards' sports like skateboarding, snowboarding, surfing and wakeboarding on a continuous sheet of water. BYOB will have riders performing their best tricks on the world-famous FlowBarrel which have hosted two years of FLOW Championships in 2009 and 2010.



With a reputable skateboarding culture in Singapore, skateboarders have been die hards of the sport for the longest time compared to other board sports locally. Skateboarders can look forward to a day of union and friendly competition that organiser promised to be appealing for competitors of all levels.

Wake Surfing

Held for the first time in Sentosa, Wake Surfing recreates the sport of surfing on a boat generated wake. Like flowboarding, surfers would be able to show everyone what they are made of during BYOB on the most scenic beach in Singapore.

Stand Up Paddling

One of the fastest growing board sports today with Hawaiian origin, SUP will thunder in Singapore through the BYOB with the inaugural SUP distance race along Sentosa's beaches. Standing on 11 foot cruiser boards, atheletes will paddle over 6km in the open waters along Siloso, Palawan and Tanjong Beach. A true test of grit and resilience on water!


A long time favourite of the local youths, bikers in this discipline will demonstrate their dexterity on their BMX bikes with stylish and highly technical tricks that would leave spectators in awe. Being the only division on wheels in the BYOB, the BMX bikers are truly a unique bunch with their strong devotion to the sport and its culture.


Practiced worldwide and exceedingly impressive on the FlowBarrel and FlowRider, Bodyboarding has come a long way in its infiltration from the sea to Wave House. Energized by the recent Asian Flow Series with top Bodyboarders from Japan, Australia and South Korea, the sport has gained new breed of followers who dares to go "bigger" in pushing the boundaries of their sport.



Joining hands with Wave House Sentosa would be co-organisers SSTBMX and the Surfing Association of Singapore (SAS), lending their expertise in managing the BMX and Skateboarding events. SAS President and long time advocate of the local surf and skate scene Mr. Ajill Salleh commented, "The BYOB is truly unique in that it brings together the various board sports in a way that has never been done in Singapore before. We all want to do the same thing, which is to encourage everyone to have fun under the Sun. There is room for everyone to get involved, there is so much more to these sports than doing the biggest trick, like the camaraderie and culture of these atheletes which transcend the physical mastery of the sport."

In line with promoting active lifestyle on the beach, the Official Partners of the BYOB are the beach loving Mana Mana Beach Club as the Official SUP Partner, Quiksilver/Roxy as the Official Apparel, 100 Plus and Zesta as the Official Beverage.

Roxy sponsored Flowboarder Ms Sarah Chin has this to say about BYOB, "Apart from flowboarding I have always marveled at the skills and performances of the other board sports atheletes so I'm really looking forward to having a fully enjoyable time in BYOB and making new friends."

BYOB Event Details

Date: Saturday, 17 December 2011

Time: 1000 hrs to 1900 hrs (BYOB)
1900 hrs till late (BYOB After Party - Glow With The Flow)

Divisions: Flowboarding, Wake Surfing, Skateboarding, Stand Up Paddling (Cruiser Distance), BMX and Bodyboarding.

Registration: $15.00 (includes BYOB Tee, Lanyard with BYOB Athletes Card and Drink Redemption Card)

Registration at Wave House Sentosa from 1 November to 16 December.