04/18/2014 - 18:00 - 22:00



Enjoy a delicious DIY BBQ with your family or friends while taking in the beautiful sea view and sunset this GOOD FRIDAY!

At Wave House Sentosa, everyone can be their own chefs. We've got everything ready, from the BBQ pit to marinated meats and down to the cutlery!!

No setup, cleaning, no hassle! Indulging in a BBQ has been easier! So head on down to Wave House Sentosa for some barbecue-grilled chow down now!

We have a BBQ Package at $200 nett (just right for four (4) to five (5) persons) to tickle your tastebuds! :
★ Chicken Mid Wings & Drumlets (10 pcs)
★ Marinated Fish Fillet (600g)
★ Chicken Sausages (10 pcs)
CHOOSE EITHER  Marinated Beef Rump (600g) OR Lamb Chop (600g)
★ CHOOSE EITHER  Chicken Satays (25pcs) OR Mutton Satays (25 pcs)
★ Chicken Chipolatas (10 pcs)
★ Creamy Potato Salad
★ 5 Bottles of Dasani Drinking Water (600 ml)
★ Instant BBQ Pit with Cutlery

You can also purchase Add-On:
Side Orders:
 Chicken Mid Wings & Drumlets (5 pcs) $9
★ Marinated Fish Fillet (300g) $18
★ Marinated Beef Rump (300g) $23
★ Lamb Chop (300g) $23
★ Chicken Satays (10 pcs)  $10
★ Mutton Satays (10 pcs)  $10
★ Chicken Sausages (5 pcs) $10
★ Chicken Chipolatas (5 pcs)  $14
★ Creamy Potato Salad (Just right for two(2) persons) $5

★ Dasani Drinking Water (bottle, 600 ml)  $3
★ Soft Drinks (jug)  $12.50
★ Beer (jug)  $42
★ Housepour (jug)  $42

BBQ Accessories:
★ Instant Metal Tray BBQ Set (12.6"X17.7"X2.8")  $20

If you wish to be pampered and have food ready to your table, you can also order our Restaurant or Bar Menu.

Call 6377-3113 for enquiries or more info.
Reserve EARLY as there are limited tables available.

* Subject always to availability on first-come-first-serve basis.
* Only food & Beverage from Wave House Sentosa is permitted within the Premises
* Food images shown are for illustration purposes only and may not represent actual food served
* PayPal processing and handling fees are applicable for online payments.

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